About Our Rates

Comparing generic rates between processors without having undergone even a brief review of your business transactions is not the best way to shop for a merchant account. Doing so can lead to higher rates than you might otherwise encounter. Furthermore, account rates form only a part of the overall picture when it comes to costs associated with card payments. Here are other items to consider:

  • Equipment required, and whether that equipment will be leased or owned outright
  • Start-up, termination or other “account setup” fees (you’ll never find those here)
  • Penalties for missing monthly minimums for sales or transaction volumes (we don’t penalize anyone)

It’s very important to understand the variety of card types used at your facilities. Rates vary by the type of cards used by your patrons:

  • Credit vs. Debit
  • Frequency and type of rewards cards
  • Use of corporate cards
  • Method(s) by which you accept cards

The list of variables is lengthy. What you’ll find is that Visa and MasterCard include dozens of different categories for merchant account rate classifications. These classifications are often grouped in tiers according to qualified, mid-qualified, and non-qualified status, but not always.

Without a review of your transaction history via a current statement or two, your risk is to overpay for services that would be better tailored to your individual business needs. That’s why we only discuss rates after a careful review of your business transactions and method of acceptance. It’s just one example of the attention to detail you can expect from doing business with Gratis.

Request a quote today and lets see what’s lurking in your monthly processing statement.