Credit/Debit Processing

What if your payment processor fought fees like firemen fight fires? Including a performance guarantee and easy-as-pie customer service?

Fighting fees just got serious.TM

Payment processing fees can be some of the largest hidden fees your business will face. But finding a payment processor that will truly work in your best interest can be challenging, until now. Say hello to Gratis Payment Processing.

We’re different. Here’s how:

Through the Gratis BornSaversTM program, Gratis consultants are specially trained to identify and reduce hidden fees. And unlike other processors, we’re pay-for-performance: Our pay depends on how much YOU SAVE over your current program. That means we’re always fighting to reduce hidden fees and save you more money. Exciting? You bet. Every month it’ll feel like you’ve found forgotten cash in last year’s winter coat! Plus, you’ll get expert analysis and in-person support from a local, qualified representative. That puts help right next door for items like understanding your statements or meeting the needs of your growing business.

All this, along with world-class support AND the Gratis Guarantee.

Gratis Quote Guarantee

We’re confident that we can help you control your merchant account costs. If we can’t reduce your rate or fees over your current processor, you’ll receive $250 from Gratis. Period.

And there’s more where that came from.

Why go anywhere else?

Imagine: A card processor with global reach, consultants who are qualified and accessible, and who are PAID to REDUCE your fees, guaranteed!

Now that’s serious.

We’re comfy too, with merchant account services tailored to YOUR business.

Your business has unique needs and requirements that if overlooked, could put thousands of dollars in fees and expenses into someone else’s pocket. While banks and big-box superstores may offer card processing, you won’t find the same expertise and flexibility to tailor a program to YOUR business, whatever your size or business model. That’s what you’ll receive from Gratis, in person, and guaranteed. (Comfy, huh!)

Our network of merchants enjoys secure, fast payment processing with all major credit, debit, and check cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. And only Gratis Consultants are PAID to REDUCE your fees!

Payment processing made to order:

  • Local representation
  • Custom programs and aggressive rates
  • Rate & quote guarantee
  • Check processing
  • Debit card processing
  • Available over-night funding
  • ATM machines & processing
  • Internet payment solutions
  • Gift card production and processing

What’s different about processing payments with Gratis?

  • Local support means help is easy to get.
  • Aggressive rates, informative analysis, every time.
  • $250 Quote Guarantee assures your time is never wasted.
  • World-class service through Elavon gives your business support to grow.
  • Pay for performance, based on YOUR savings. That means you and your Gratis consultant have the same goal.

Fighting fees just got serious. Call today.