What People Are Saying

At the Squeeze In, we stuck with a big credit card processing company for a long time, but when we found out about Gratis, and met the owners, we knew we had found the best partner for our processing needs.

We are a local small business, and we strive to connect and support other local businesses and families. When we saw what Gratis is all about, and what they value, it made it an easy decision for us to switch (plus the ridiculous amount of money we get to keep!). Not only is Gratis saving us a ton of money each year with their killer rates (enough to cover our entire company’s Christmas bonuses by the way), but we are able to have our credit cards sales posted the next business day, rather than waiting several days like with the big company. This results in our money being available to us fast, and for a small business that’s a big deal. Having quick access to your cash flow means being able to pay vendors and make payroll on time, and that means a better nights sleep and less stress.

The switch was so seamless, I didnt even know it was done until a few days after the fact, and the amount of personal service and commitment we received during the transition was phenomenal, and continues to be inclusive and supportive.

Thank you Gratis for being a small business for small business, and for making us feel like our business is important to you. We love being more than just another ‘account’ and we would highly recommend anyone who accepts credit cards to make this switch.