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Gratis Payments will manage and absorb up to 100% of the variable rate risk inherent in interchange-plus rate plans!
  • Providing a low, fixed rate, guaranteed for 3 years
  • Save an average of 22% on B2B merchant account fees
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Receive payments faster
with Apruve

Reduce A/R time to 24 hours, extend risk-free credit to your business buyers, and realize up to a 40% savings over the cost of managing your own in-house credit.

Through Apruve, our customers get a turnkey solution that takes the burden of credit and A/R processes off your shoulders, along with eliminating that financial risk from your business. You get a turn-key way to manage all aspects of credit approval, invoicing and collections, AND you can expect to be paid within 24 hours of any order placed by your buyers. This completely eliminates the need to act like a bank for your customers.

With Apruve, you can expect white-glove service:

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From buyer credit approval through invoicing, collections and payment, Apruve manages
your credit program so you
don't have to.
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Get paid
in 24 hours

Your receivables disappear
when Apruve pays you for
any invoices generated
through the platform.
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Credit Approval

Database driven
methodologies help to
issue credit limits that
meet your customers
purchasing needs.
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Built for
your Business

Whether your customers place
orders online or offline, Apruve
can manage and finance
your orders, to your
net-term specifics,
and white-labeled with your

Apruve makes extending a revolving line of credit as easy and risk free as accepting a credit card.

Recent research shows that in the U.S., 46% of B2B invoices at any one time are overdue. And 92 percent of suppliers report having dealt with a late-paying customer during the last year. Why keep taking that risk? Talk to us today about Apruve, and how we can help eliminate the A/R risk for your business, simplify your process, and get your invoices paid in 24 hours.

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Our Enhanced Interchange Optimization and fixed rate program increases your profits by reducing your fees. Here's why. Up to 75% of what you pay for B2B merchant account services goes to interchange fees. But processors unfamiliar with changes to interchange rates for business-to-business transactions often overlook, or have no experience with what it takes to successfully manage, at the source, your real Interchange clearance rates. Instead, most processors reduce their processing margin a little to save a few bucks. But that portion (the "plus" part of "Interchange-Plus") only accounts for approximately 12% of your total fees. Would you rather make reductions to 75 percent of your bill, or 12 percent?

Interchange-plus rate plans do make sense in certain card-present environments. They offer transparency, and merchants can see the actual costs associated with every card transaction. But just because you can see what the interchange rates are for each card you take in, doesn't mean that you're getting the best interchange rates you can get.

In card-not-present, business to business environments like yours, lots of variables influence your actual interchange rate - that 75% portion of your bill. Without managing these variables, your business may not be getting the best Interchange rate it can get, EVEN if your merchant processor lowers THEIR portion of your fees. Plus, with interchange-plus rate plans, your business absorbs the risk of more expensive cards - think benefits programs like airline miles, cash-back programs or others.

Our team identifies and helps manage these variables for you. In doing so, we can absorb up to 100% of the interchange rate risk your business faces with interchange-plus pricing. This lets us offer a low fixed rate that saves our customers an average of 22% on their card processing fees. In many cases, even more.

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Our team processes over $2billion in b2b transactions annually, with a 96% customer retention rate after five years. That means that you can be confident in working with a professional organization experienced in interchange optimization for b2b organizations like yours, and with a 25-year track record of customer service excellence to prove it.
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Clients save an average of 22%!

The dynamics of processing business, corporate, or government transactions are different from traditional accounts servicing retail customers. Attaining optimum Interchange clearance rates for b2b merchants requires some optimization. In exchange for this slightly modified transaction, the VISA/MasterCard, and Issuing Banks, offer lower interchange fees.

Gratis Payments will automate and manage this process for your business. The extra effort pays off (22% less merchant fees, for example). Our Enhanced Interchange Optimization reduces your fees and increases your profits.