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Why use gift and loyalty programs.

Gratis gift card and loyalty programs help increase shopping traffic, improve average ticket and margin per sale, and help mitigate the costs and profit loss of return transactions. They encourage repeat sales, more referrals, and can even become a completely new revenue stream for your business.
Gift and loyalty programs encourage customers to visit your store or website and browse products or services. During their visit it’s likely that they’ll shop for products worth more than the value of the gift card. And upsell opportunities at the point of payment make gift cards a fast and easy way to increase revenue per sale without adding inventory or additional services.
Gift cards can allow partial redemptions for returned items, leaving the balance stored on the gift card, reducing or eliminating cash back. They can also be used for store credit, helping to reduce fraudulent returns for cash.
Gift and loyalty programs from Gratis go beyond the paper gift certificate. Connect loyalty and rewards programs to customer activity that’s important to your business. Whether in-store for larger tickets, on-line for return visitors, points collection, thank you for referrals… it’s up to you.
Gratis offers physical gift cards that are simple to administer, and cloud-based loyalty programs that integrate within existing systems like Zoho, Salesforce, Hubspot and others. These powerful, easy integrations allow detailed and actionable insights into customer data through dashboards available from any location or device.

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