Check Processing and ACH

Accept checks and ACH transfer online for rapid funding, less cost, and no trips to the bank.

Fewer Fees


Lower Overhead


Quicker payment processing

Why choose check processing

It’s faster, safer than paper checks, and more cost effective.

electronically processed checks and ACH payments are cleared more quickly, and deposited into your account without trips to the bank. And customers can pay from anywhere – your website, mobile devices, or through your virtual terminal, reducing payment delay.
End-to-end encryption and tokenization runs on the Federal Reserve Bank clearing house system and is safer than paper check processing
Fewer hands managing paper means less labor, and less cost, plus reduce bank fees due to check handling and eliminate NSF risk with immediate pre-authorizations just like a card payment
Reporting of all check processing activity at your fingertips.
Customers can input their own information during payment acceptance for less error.

How check processing works

Checks are taken electronically from your website, payment gateway, virtual terminal, or mobile devices, as simply as taking payments by card.

Step 1


Your customer wishes to pay you through a checking account rather than a payment card.

Step 2

Take Payments

Payment is taken through your website or through your virtual terminal, or the customer mobile device securly accessing your system.

Step 3


Using end-to-end security, authorization is initiated that verifies available funds, and routes check or ACH payment form your customer’s bank to yours, within two to three business days.

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