Check Processing

Taking checks has never been this easy!

Electronic checks, or eChecks, allow you to accept payments made by check and easily convert them to electronic payments right in your store. This method of accepting check payments offers greater security, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to businesses like yours – saving you valuable time and money when it comes to in-store payment processing.

When a customer writes a paper check, you’ll simply scan that check into the virtual terminal system, thereby capturing the customer’s bank information and amount paid. That data is then electronically transferred via the Federal Reserve Bank’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, where funds will be extracted from your customer’s account and added to yours! Plus, once your system approves and processes each check, it will instantly print a transaction receipt for your customers to sign and keep. It’s that simple.

Payment Processing New Hampshire

RDM Synergy II
Fact sheet

The SYNERGY all-in-one terminal combines a mag-stripe reader with a check imager, allowing you to process electronic checks on the same device used for credit and debit cards. We also offer a terminal designed specifically for fleet card acceptance.